Design of Dream-home
Vickie in The Beach

Where do I begin? We had such a great experience working with the BKDP team.
It started with an email to their office letting them know my dream to reinvent our home to be similar to villas we rent in St. Barts. We travel to St. Barts annually. It’s our favorite place in the world.
I got a reply relatively quickly to set up a face-to-face meeting with Fardid and Ken. They seemed intrigued with our story and hence began the process.
We went through the design phase and we were about to start the renovation when we had an illness in our family. We ended up putting the project on hold for a year. Throughout that time, I had a lot of time to rethink things and when the project got back on track, we revised the designs and the finish selections to an even a more extensive and beautiful renovation.
Since we were renovating the entire house, I was faced with decisions to be made everyday. Although I enjoy everything to do with interior design, all these decisions were stressing me out. I can’t thank Fardid and Cristina enough for the assistance and support they provided everyday. I was sure they hated me for all the emails I was sending questioning my decisions and theirs. They would reply in the kindest manner with lengthy emails explaining the reasoning for certain decisions and also providing me with pros and cons to help me make my own decisions. Working with them is truly a cooperative process. They allowed me to have input in every single aspect in order for our house to turn out exactly the way we wanted. They also always replied in a timely manner.
Our renovation only took 6 months which I consider to be very efficient. At the end, it was crunch time and Jez (the project coordinator) performed miracles by getting all the trades in simultaneously in order to get us moved back into our house on time.
We’ve now been in our “St. Barts villa” for about a year and whenever we have a small issue, BKDP looks after it quickly. So many people talk about never being able to get ahold of their designer or contractor once they’ve been paid. This is not the case with BKDP. They reply just as quickly as they always have even though the process is over.
My husband and I could not be happier with how incredibly beautiful our home turned out and with the experience we had working with BKDP. They’re friendly, professional, knowledgeable. open-minded and fun to work with.
I actually enjoyed having my home renovated. Not many people can say that.
Thank you Fardid, Ken, Cristina and Jez!

Century Home Redesign
Liz in Summerhill

I hired BKDP to convert a falling down triplex on Summerhill Ave to a single family home. It was a gigantic project and Fardid and his team managed every detail of it meticulously. They did the design, the build and project managed the construction. People were really scared for me when I purchased the place as it was in complete shambles. I am now known as the only good renovation story of all my friends. Fardid and Ben (contractor) were a pure pleasure to work with. 4500 Sq. ft. was completely rebuilt in 27 weeks. On time and on budget. Even I did not predict that. The final product is a truly beautiful home for my son and I. Far more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I had an excellent renovation experience thanks to BKDP. I recommend giving them the entire project though. I think the secret to what worked is they were 100% accountable. I’ve heard of people breaking up their work across different firms and in my case I think empowering Fardid and his team with the whole thing was the right decision.

Total Interior Home Renovation
T + L in Lytton Park

My husband I and purchased a 3 story, 90 year old Georgian style home in North Toronto due to its exceptional location. One drawback was the interior and out of date systems that needed a complete overhaul. It was a very daughnting project and we met with many designers, contractors, etc., who were mostly inept, unprofessional, or unreliable beyond the first meeting. In the end, we had a meeting with Fardid and Ken, the principals of BKDP and felt confident in their abilities to plan and execute our project. We realized from the start that planning and communication were going to determine the success of the project and BKDP delivered every step along the way, even when hiccups occurred. Our project consisted of electrical, plumbing, structural, waterproofing, flooring, heating, kitchen, bathrooms, and interior painting. The work was done on time (5 months) and within budget, and three years post renovation, we are still very happy and have recommended them to numerous friends.

Kitchen Renovation
J + C in the Annex

We live in a large, open concept turn of the century Annex home that was fully renovated in early 80s. We love the space and location but the kitchen was dated and poorly designed for a multi-cook family like ours. After evaluating several options, we choose BKDP for a kitchen design/build that was completed, on-time, on-budget, in fall 2011. We both work full time in demanding jobs and have a school-aged child so the prospect of a time-consuming kitchen reno had been daunting. Our experience with Fardid and Kenneth was terrific. In the design phase, they spent several hours with us in our existing kitchen to understand what we wanted, came up with an excellent concept for re-orienting the space, and took detailed notes on the look, feel and materials we liked. We liked the design they produced and thought the price for the design was extremely reasonable. Selecting materials and appliances was far less time consuming than we had feared because we were able to see the vast majority of the materials at their offices, avoiding endless weekend drives north of the city to look at tiles, back-splashes, cabinets, etc. When we did travel to buy things directly, they had called ahead, clarified all of the details, and we received their professional discount at the point of sale. We made a substitution which they sourced quickly, and were finished in time to cook Thanksgiving dinner. We are delighted at the outcome, a great, functional, sleek space perfect for the cooks and out guests. There were a few things that needed attention after completion of the work. We had no difficulty getting the contractors back to take care of them, including a visit from Kenneth himself when one issue wasn’t resolved. This firm has excellent design sense, project management capability, and attention to customer service that makes renovation reasonably “pain-free” and delivers a great outcome. We would not hesitate to use them for future designs and renovations.

Downtown Loft Redesign and Renovation
Anish Acharya in Toronto

I had such an absolutely incredible experience with Fardid and the team at BKDP. Here are some highlights: – First, their work is top notch. My place has exceeded my expectations in every possible way. – They are on time .. they were fully transparent about the schedule, set realistic expectations, and delivered on them. – They set expectations about price .. they will tell you what you get, for what amount, and what the tradeoffs are. Then they will try to keep you in that budget when you start to wander out. I had multiple meetings with Fardid where he was trying to convince me to stay within our budget .. it was great to have a real partner. – They have impeccable attention to detail .. everything from the location of outlets to the tiniest details of the backsplash were thought out. – They are such a pleasure to deal with .. great people, great staff, wow I wish I could give more glowing praise of the firm .. this was such an incredible experience, I am so happy with the work, and I consider Fardid to be a friend. Obviously, I *highly* recommend them.

Home Entertainment Center and Powder Room
Rebecca in Toronto

BKDP did a wonderful job on creating a relaxing high tech home entertainment center in my basement. Their attention to detail made the design process so easy and enjoyable as they really understood what I wanted (I was unsure!) and it is now a well loved room in my house. The powder room reno was a challenge for any design team and it exceeded my expectations in the end. I would recommend the BKDP team without hesitation!!!

Side-Split Renovation
HC in North York

No one believes me when I tell them how much I enjoyed my renovation especially when they hear about the scale of work that was done. I hired BKDP and worked with the two partners, Fardid and Kenneth, to develop a design and renovate my ranch-style side-split. The design process took 2 months to complete and they were really thorough. It felt like a partnership and I felt really comfortable with the choices they made. They encouraged my feedback and used it to improve the smallest details (like finding a range hood with a remote so I don’t have to reach up too high). Once construction began, BKDP’s coordinator, Emily, kept in touch with me to provide updates and answered any questions. Their contractors were courteous, professional and responded to my feedback and concerns promptly. Fardid and Kenneth did inspections and met with contractors regularly. I didn’t have to worry about anything. In the end the construction took a little over 3 months to complete and I have been loving my home since. I would recommend BKDP to anyone who wants to do a high quality renovation. They are in a league of their own.

Renovation of Entire Home
Andy in Unionville

We chose BKDP to renovate a dated 30-year old home. The scope of the project was large, covering the entire main and second floors, including a new kitchen and three baths. We needed a design-build firm that had: A track record of completing projects on budget and on time, with designs we liked; Good tradespeople and a good range of products (from mid- to high-end); Designs that suited our tastes (classic, with a hint of contemporary); Knowledge and experience (e.g. permit process) to make structural changes; and Most importantly, cared about their projects and their clients. BKDP delivered on all counts! We can’t stress enough the last point. Fardid and Ken looked after all the little details in the design and construction. We didn’t have to constantly monitor the progress of the project, and the project was finished flawlessly. Also, the time Fardid and Ken invested in the design stage really contributed to the success of the project. We went through several iterations of the design and (very detailed) budget until we arrived at a product that maximized the value of our budget and met all of our needs. In the end, the result of our reno project far exceeded our expectations. You’ll find pics of our home on BKDP web site (labelled “Casual Luxury” in the Portfolio section). A&Y

Ground Level Reno and Two Second Level Bathrooms
Anthony K in Richmond Hill

I hired BKDP back in October 2011 to redesign the ground level and 2 second level bathrooms of my home. After interviewing different design companies, both my wife and I felt most comfortable with Fardid and Ken as they were very clear and detailed in explaining the whole design process and how they charge for design and renovation to us. The design process took about 6 weeks and the design was revised a couple of times as we added more items to our wish list. With the additional items in our with list, Fardid and his team worked really hard to try to keep the project within budget and we really appreciate their effort. They presented different design and material options to us and guided us to select the design that we like. The renovation took about 3 months to complete and we were very pleased with the end result. During the renovation, Cristina kept us updated with their progress and schedule without the need of me calling them. And whenever I call or e-mail them with questions concerning the project, they would respond to me right away. Aside from their great service, what I liked the most was their quotations were fixed-price, and that took away all the concerns we had for renovation as we heard many stories from friends and families on how their project costs had escalated when they didn’t have a fixed-price contract with their reno companies. We are considering to renovate our basement this summer and we would definitely rehire BKDP for their service without hesitation.

Kitchen Renovation
Rob in North York

I originally hired BKDP in October 2009 to design and renovate my kitchen and I couldn’t be happier. The biggest problem I had was my kitchen didn’t have any windows and Ken offered great insights on how to maximize my kitchen. Although the renovation was delayed by two weeks because of waiting for material, it was on budget and I was kept in the loop the entire time. The thing that I want to mention is that after a year and half later, my faucet broke from wear and tear. It was still under warranty from the manufacturer (Riobel) and I contacted BKDP for assistance. Sylvia from BKDP got the manufacturer to mail to the part to me. Unfortunately, Riobel mailed it twice and it was returned to them both times for some reason (probably because I’m in a townhouse community and my mailbox couldn’t fit it?). Sylvia had the part delivered to their office and took time from her weekend to deliver to my home (totally unexpected and very much appreciated!). It’s something I didn’t expect after a year since the renovation. I will go back with BKDP when I get around to my bathroom renovations!

3 Bathrooms, Master Bedroom
JS in Downtown Toronto

I have worked with Ken and Fardid of BKDP on numerous occasions over the past 3 years and have been completely satisfied with the results. They are a highly capable, well organized, creative and professional team that I would recommend to anyone looking at major renovations in their home.

Kitchen Renovation with Other Household Upgrades
Tammy in Toronto

Fardid and Ken are highly professional people who were able to bring our renovation to completion on-time and within budget. It was a nice feeling to be able to trust them to run the show as both my husband and I were working full-time. Their attention to detail and their patience, with the number amendments we made, were phenomenal. The contractors they used, for our project, were highly skilled individuals that knew their trade well. We look forward to working with BKDP again in the new future and would highly recommend to our friends and family.

Kitchen Renovation, Flooring Change, Repainted the Whole Place
Rachel in Toronto

BKDP worked with my budget, design input and transformed a basic condo open kitchen into a beautiful and functional work area that blends nicely with the rest of living room. They were sincere and pleasant to work with and responded to issues quickly. I was very happy with their services and the final product.

Bathroom Addition+
Amy in Leslieville

When purchasing our first home we realized there was an opportunity to add an ensuite and small walk in closet. Friends of ours had a positive experience with Ken & Fardid so we contacted them for a quote. After hearing our share of ‘reno horror stories’ we wanted a company we could trust and we found that in BKDP. They took care of every detail, have excellent people working for them, and went above and beyond to deliver a final product that we are extremely satisfied with. We would not hesitate to work with them again or recommend them to others.

Major Kitchen and Bathroom Overhaul
The Mittler’s in the Beach

Recently my wife and I undertook a major renovation of our main and second floors. We were looking for someone to manage the process ‘end to end’. Ken and Fardid invested the time up front to truly understand our needs, tailored a plan to our budget, and successfully delivered our brand new kitchen and bathroom on time and on budget. We were so happy that when it came time to redo our ensuite, bringing them back was a no-brainer. We’ve also since had several friends use them successfully for their renos. They won’t be the cheapest option, but you get what you pay for, especially in contracting/renovation. We got incredible value for the money, and if you’re looking for a ‘pain-free’ reno, these are your guys.

Major Redesign of 1970’s House
Phillip from North York

We hired BKDP to undertake the design and renovation of our newly purchased home after assessing general contractors, architects, and interior designers. The job entailed a complete overhaul of the finishes and we wanted to improve flow and brightness by removing some walls. Of the companies that we interviewed and researched, only BKDP had the ability to provide a design that met our expectations and had qualified contractors that we could confidently depend on. We had a limited timeframe in which to have all planning and renovations complete because we had already sold our home. We were pleased with the progress and Fardid ensured that their crew stuck to the pre-determined schedule and budget. When we added extra projects, BKDP gave us a detailed breakdown of costs and suggestions of how to amalgamate the timelines. Their crew was courteous, clean, and their quality of work was superb. For anyone looking to re-design their home BKDP adds a lot of value with affordable design services. Fardid and Ken listen and come up with the most efficient and effective solution. We found them to be straight to the point about what is feasible and has the best value. Overall, the experience with BKDP was very positive and we plan to contact them for the upcoming renovation of our basement.

Whole House Renovation
Marie in Thornhill

I was very impressed with the renovation and it turned out way better than expected. I was happy with the fact that the designers understood what I wanted from the beginning and were able to make realistic suggestions which helped the process move along without any snags. My family and friends love how my house has turned out. I have referred two of my friends to BKDP who are also very pleased with their services. Just want to express my sincere appreciation to the designers and their contractors.

Delivered Quality and Style, on a Budget
Michael in North York

I bought my own place and I needed to renovate all of it very badly. I’m still establishing myself so I was intimidated to contact BKDP because their website looked up-scale and out of my budget. But my sister recommended them emphatically, and since she’s already gone through tones of renovation experiences, I scheduled an appointment with them. I was expecting them to refuse my project after seeing the grandeur of the work they did for my sister’s house. To my surprise everyone was very down to earth and not snobby at all. They worked with my budget and my contemporary style and it really paid off. My budget was very important and they respected it. At the same time they did not compromise quality or style. Also, instead of throwing out my old cupboards and fridge, they donated them to Habitat for Humanity! These guys are pretty cool and with it! All in all, these designers (Ken and Fardid) are hip, informed and dignified. It was a pleasure to have worked with them. I would recommend them to everyone.

Kitchen Renovation
Angela in Thornhill

BKDP was referred to me by a family friend. They listened to what I wanted and the finished product exceeded my expectation! They handled the whole project from beginning to end and that made the renovation experience a pleasant one for me. Really nice people to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks BKDP again for the good job done and I love my kitchen!


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