Today’s options for kitchen renovation in Toronto far outstrip what was once the norm. There are many considerations that go into creating extraordinary spaces, whether large or subtle.

Lighting and Mood

Given that the kitchen is often the focal point of the home, many homeowners interested in a kitchen renovation in Toronto focus on adding brighter lighting. That’s great for certain times, but what about when you want a more intimate setting? Toronto kitchen renovation experts can install a range of lighting options, including options such as recessed, controllable lights that allow you to create whatever mood you want.

Luxury Countertop Materials

Countertops have to be tough – they take a beating on a regular basis. However, tough doesn’t have to mean “budget”. Luxury counter materials are available through a high quality Toronto kitchen renovation firm to help you add beauty and durability to your kitchen. Natural stone, butchers block countertops, polished concrete, marble, granite or quartz – these are just a few of the luxurious options available.

Go for the Floor

Flooring is one of the most important ways to upgrade your kitchen. In years past, vinyl was the material of choice because of high traffic and hazards like grease. For today’s kitchen, there are new, high quality, eco-friendly flooring options available that combine excellent durability with the eye-catching beauty you demand.

Whether you want to add luxury upgrades like a custom designed island, look into your options for high-end appliances, or to learn more about your luxury flooring options, a Toronto kitchen renovation specialist like BiglarKinyan can help. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

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