Your home should be your castle, but all too often, Toronto area homeowners are forced to live with a cookie-cutter design. Homebuilders rarely offer much in the way of customization, and chances are good that your home’s interior is pretty similar to that of your neighbors. A Toronto interior designer can help change that, giving you a home that’s uniquely yours. Of course, there are quite a few Toronto interior designers, and they’re not all the same.

Green Focus – One of the most important considerations when choosing a Toronto interior designer is that the firm you select should be focused on using green materials and techniques. That benefits the planet, certainly, but it also ensures better health for your family by eliminating harmful toxins from your home.

Today and Tomorrow – Too often, Toronto area homes feature an interior design that’s considered stylish right now, but that eventually needs to be replaced. Anyone else remember shag carpeting? Don’t let that happen to your home. Make sure you’re working with Toronto interior designers that ensure your home’s design works for you today, as well as down the road.

At BiglarKinyan, we specialize in creating custom home interiors for our clients. We can translate your wants, needs and use requirements into a stylish interior that will never go out of style. Not only that, but we take great pride in our green design techniques, using only earth-friendly materials. Contact us today by calling 416-850-9911 to learn more about our custom interior design options, and what makes us different. You’ll be surprised at just what we can do to transform your home.

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