The term “interior design” likely conjures up images of paint and fabric swatches, perhaps carpet replacement, or choosing new furniture to brighten up a dark room. While these are part of interior design, there’s much more that interior design firms can do for your home.

Interior design can include remodeling and renovation – you’ll find that the right Toronto interior design firm can redesign your kitchen completely, just as easily as they can help you brighten up your living room. It’s all part and parcel of the trade. That means working with interior design firms that can assist you in remaking your home into something that better reflects your family’s uniqueness and specific needs.

Chances are good that your home wasn’t built specifically for you and your family. That means you might be constrained by rooms that really don’t tie in with your lifestyle, or areas that serve little purpose for your family. Working with the right interior design company will help you maximize usability within your home without sacrificing aesthetics.

When you work with BKDP, you’ll also gain the benefits of universal design coupled with earth-friendly material choices. All of our efforts are designed to minimize your impact on the environment, as well as ensuring a healthy living area for you and your family. We do this in a number of ways, including sourcing only the highest quality materials and fixtures for your home.

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