When most people think about home interior design, they imagine a basic makeover, maybe some fresh paint in the kitchen, new curtains in the family room, and new carpeting in the entertainment room. However, by working with the right Toronto designers, interior makeovers can be more than just skin-deep.

Working with interior designers can give you the ability to transform not only your home’s interior appearance, but also the very environment in which you live.

Did you know that there are hidden health threats lurking in your home? They’re emitted from the very fabrics and materials we choose to make us more comfortable, or to give our homes the style we prefer. These toxic chemicals are used during construction and fabrication, as well as in installation, and they can continue to plague your family for a very long time. With the right Toronto designers, interior design can make use of the most health-friendly products, allowing your family to avoid any future health complications.

BKDP believes in creating a healthy interior through the use of earth and family-friendly materials. That includes fabrics, wood, stone, carpet, vinyl and more. Every material we suggest is chosen specifically for its aesthetics, as well as for its reduced impact on your health and the health of your family.

Of course, we also design home interiors that will stand the test of time. You won’t find any fad designs here. We build for today, tomorrow and ten years from now. Our universal design focus ensures that you get the ideal interior design for comfort, happiness and usage needs. Call us today at 416-850-9911 to learn more about our services.

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