When it comes to creating the home of your dreams, having experienced interior designers at your side can ensure that your dreams become reality. However, you need to ensure that you’ve chosen the right Toronto interior designer for your needs.

There are several different criteria that are important to consider when selecting and vetting the right interior design firm including:

A Holistic Design and Construction Background: Designers who are well-versed in construction, architecture, heating and cooling, lighting and other areas of home improvement deliver a more holistic, all-encompassing design and renovation plan. BKDP happens to have the experience and background in a variety of areas – which we put to work for our clients every day to deliver extraordinary designs that consider all avenues.

Material Selection: Using a company that has access to a wide-ranging selection of suppliers and materials for optimal selection is ideal. In addition, a commitment to using materials that are healthy for both your family and the planet is paramount. Many of today’s materials and products emit toxic gases for a long time after installation, which can create health problems for you and your children and the environment.

The Right Experience: Ensure the company your selecting specializes in the type of design that you want. You wouldn’t turn to a company specializing in rustic country for a remake of your living room in modern design. Make sure any Toronto interior designer you choose has provable experience creating the look and feel that you want.

The Right References: Interior designers should be more than happy to supply you with photography proof of past jobs, but they should also help you get in contact with previous clients so you can ask questions.

BKDP is a leading Toronto interior designer committed to green practices, but also to ensuring that our clients achieve the aesthetic they want. From sleek, modern designs to rustic and traditional, we have the experience to bring your dreams to fruition. Call 416-850-9911 to schedule a full consultation.

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