Perfection is found in details, and your renovation deserves nothing less.

One of the most valued aspects of BKDP’s service is the knowledge that we bring to project implementation and construction.

Our work is grounded in an understanding of market dynamics and trends, we are proficient in helping our clients determine what to build, not just how to design it. Through these systems, we have saved clients thousands of dollars by finding smarter ways to deliver renovation projects. As a result BKDP attracts the business, people and activity that lead to sustained performances.

By overseeing the entire renovation project, we are able to maximize quality, time savings and avoid any potential problems. BKDP becomes your contact to provide project information and updates to remove the hassle and head-ache often associated with construction. Our wide range of products and suppliers means that we can meet your budget and provide designs in any style.

BKDP has singular responsibility for all design and construction, saving you time, hassle and money; cost savings are generated through economies of scale and through BKDP’s large network of suppliers. Other advantages include less administrative burden as we oversee all stages of construction, coordination and contracting, and you receive an accurate knowledge of costs through the thorough and guaranteed cost estimates.

And most important, we give you peace of mind that your project will be completed the way it was planned.


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