Universal design is about your environment working for you, now and forever more.

Interiors are a mix of textures, colours, experiences and emotions. BKDP’s “best practices” in business are translated into spaces for our clients in the residential or commercial arena. Our area of expertise is to generate extraordinary interiors that have high-end visual appeal, fit for the most discriminating client.

Our design process is intensive and we believe in upfront planning. We take a holistic approach to design, with a diverse background in Architecture, Interior Design, Kitchen and Bathroom Design, and Environmental Design we fuse together several approaches to thoroughly explore the possibilities of a space during design development. We ask many questions to fully understand the needs and desires of our clients and subsequently develop solutions that address these wants and needs with universal yet bespoke designs. Our interiors knot together functions, systems and human potential.

Our goal in designing interiors is to use high-end and high-design styling cues as well as to promote responsible and universal designs. Cost efficiencies over time, as well as social and environmental improvements will produce a brilliant and healthy interior environment. Whatever the use, BKDP has the experience and solution to marry avant-garde style with your needs.

Universal design is about your environment working for you… now and in the future.


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