A Complete Design & Renovation Solution in Toronto

As one of the top interior designers in Toronto, BiglarKinyan has a reputation for offering designs and renovations that are functional, timeless, and anchored in sound architectural knowledge. Our team will ensure that spaces flow together perfectly with seamless transition throughout your home through a holistic approach to design involving sound architectural, interior design, material and construction acumen. Each and every one of our renovation projects is based on our clients’ budgets and takes all facets of the renovation into equal consideration – form, function, or beauty. We coordinate all aspects of a renovation including carpentry, drywall, tile work, flooring, plumbing, kitchen and bathroom work, lighting and more.

At BiglarKinyan, we understand the importance of being socially conscious during our Toronto home renovations. That’s why we have worked to offer environmentally friendly design options that are also ideal for our local community. Our interior designs are sustainable, which benefits our customers, our business, the country, and the world at large. We are able to maintain sustainability in several ways, such as re-deploying used building materials or disposing of them in an environmentally friendly manner. An excellent way to re-deploy excess building materials by donating them to Habitat for Humanity so that they can be reused to help others.

BiglarKinyan works with a variety of customers on a large or small scale and we can determine the best Toronto home renovations for your lifestyle, goals and tastes. If you would like to find out more about BiglarKinyan as well as our interior design and renovation services, call us today. We can be reached at 416.850.9911.

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